Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Most Used: Lip gloss

It's hard to please me when it comes to lip gloss because...

1) I can't stand that sticky texture the majority of lip glosses have
2) I hate the way most turn lumpy and (what I like to call) 'bitty' on the lips after a certain amount of time

But there are a few gems I've found:

Nars Striptease - Nars lip glosses in general are fantastic! They're incredibly creamy, come in a wide range of shades and last a good amount of time on the lips. Striptease in particular is one of my favourite colours as it's the perfect nude colour.

L'oreal 6h Glam Shine in Forever Nude - Forever Nude is a sheer, shimmery champagne colour that makes your lips look instantly plumped. The texture of the gloss is just as creamy as Nars lip glosses and lasts a fair amount of time, however, for a drugstore lip gloss it's not that cheap at around £8, but then it's considerably cheaper than Nars.

Barry M lip gloss in Coral - The colour and smell of this gloss are the main factors that draw me in, however, it does go slightly sticky after a while so the formulation definitely isn't my favourite. But it is the most affordable of my lip glosses at around £4.

Nars Orgasm - The top end of the double sided lip gloss is Orgasm and the bottom is chihuahua. Chihuahua is nice but not one of my favourites, so I haven't swatched it. Orgasm lip gloss is a shimmery peachy colour, identical to the Nars blush! As I said earlier, the texture of these glosses is lovely and creamy. The only downside is the smell, which doesn't bother me but others have noted that after a few months it starts to smell like plasticine.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Gloss - A gorgeous, sheer, shimmery lip gloss that plumps your lips to give you a seductive looking pout. This does go sticky after a while, but I put up with that because it makes my lips look so luscious!

Nars Turkish Delight - Light, baby pink gloss. As you can see I'm a big fan of Nars lip glosses, I honestly don't think much else can compare to the creamy, buttery texture!

What are you favourite lip glosses?


  1. Lovely post hun, you have similar taste to me with liglosses, not too bright. That Barry M one does look nice though xx

  2. I loveeeeee "Forever Nude" it's so pretty and I really like the formula. You've gone and made me put NARS glosses on my christmas list now ;) They all look so gorgeous! xx


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