Friday, 21 October 2011

Miss Universe!

If I went on holiday to the US, one thing I would definitely do is pick up a ton of OPI polishes!

I love the wide range of colours and finishes they offer, but in the UK the cost is just too much for me. So I always opt for buying off of EBay.

Two shades I recently acquired have sparked quite a lot of interest when worn.

Crown Me Already and It's My Year

Crown Me Already
I applied two coats of this and as you can see it hasn't given an opaque finish, but if a really thick layer of glitter is applied it is impossible to get off! Even with two coats though, it took at least 10 minutes of hard scrubbing to remove. This is the price to pay with glitter polishes. Perhaps a layer of silver polish first is the answer, so I only need to use one layer of Crown Me Already.

It's My Year
This is an absolutely beautiful shimmery polish that has me staring at my nails all day! This was opaque after two coats and applied smoothly.

How do you feel about OPI? Did you get any shades from the Miss Universe collection?


  1. I love its my year, bit put off my crown my already due to how long it takes to come off though, but would wear its my year in a heartbeat! Also so true about OPI prices in the UK...such a shame....but for now im just sticking to good old barry m, and (if im pushing the boat out) models own xxx

  2. I love the first one! Glitter is so popular lately. I am now torn - I wanted to buy ModelsOWN gliterry one but now I may be persuaded to get this OPI! Decisions! ;) X

  3. Crown Me Already is such a fab polish, I want one!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. So pretty absolutely obsessed with glittery nails ha-ha :) love these!


  5. Wow, Crown Me Already sur looks awesome!

  6. It's My Year is seriously gorgeous! xxx


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