Sunday, 25 September 2011

My first whack at Project 10 Pan!

So...I'm embarking on my first round of Project 10 Pan. I've got far too many products and I feel like they're taking over my room (I know that's a tad OTT but seriously, the amount I have makes me stressed).

Right, on to the products! I'm not going to include any makeup items as to be honest I don't like using makeup up. I like to make it last for as long as is humanly possible!

Instead, I am going to try and use products that either get forgotten about, or are just not that great!

1) Butterlicious Cocoa and Vanilla Body Butter - A nice, moisturising body butter. The only problem I have with it is the smell. It's not an unpleasant smell, but wearing it interferes with any perfume I wear and I much prefer a more subtle smell.

2) Body Shop Pomegranate Body Butter - Again, this product is a nice thick moisturiser. However I don't really like the scent of it, it always smells like it's off!

3) Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter - I adore the scent of this! But again, it interferes with perfume and I think I'd prefer to buy moisturisers that are lightly scented from now on.

4) Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I don't get this! It's so hyped about, and it never fails to be out of the top products lists, but what's the point of it? It makes my skin look greasy when I wear it as a base for makeup and does nothing as a mask.

5) Simple Age Resisting Eye cream - A bit of a 'blah' eye cream...does nothing special, just moisturises.

6) Clarins Gel Buste Super Lift - This I want to use daily to see if it does what it says. I'm bad when it comes to using products everyday, but I want a firmer, more lifted bust. So I will stick to this!

7) Nivea My Silhouette - This is a gel that says it will reduce fat in the areas you apply it and streamline you. I can't see how that is possible, but it does seem to firm the skin! I mainly want to use this up and buy a new 'miracle cream' :)

8) Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-free Facial Wash - A purchase I made while on holiday as I only took an exfoliating face wash (stupid, I know!). Ill probably plonk this one in my gym bag.

9) TRESemme Heat Defence Spray - I've got no gripes with this product. The reason I want to use it up is because I have about a million heat defence sprays, but I don't use them...and apparently it's important. So I'm forcing myself to use this.

10) L'oreal Lash Renewal Serum - I really like this, but always forget to use it. It makes my lashes feel lovely and soft.

Until all these items are used up, I am not buying any beauty products, unless it's an essential!

Have you tried Project 10 Pan?


  1. I've not tried project 10 pan yet! I have the same problem with heat defence spray... It's just there sitting on the shelf and always forget/never seem to bother using it....

  2. Oo.. good luck! What a great idea! Intrigued by the Nivea My Silhouette cream - I've been looking for something along those lines to firm things up a bit!
    George |

  3. Ooh what a good idea! Personally looove cocoa and vanilla scents but then I do like a stronger 'perfume' so that's probably why :)


  4. I really want to try some of these Body Shop body butters, they all look soooo yummy! One day, I'll be able to afford some...

  5. Good luck! You can say that I took part in this 'project' and still am when the times are hard and the budges is ZERO. ;) X

  6. I was doing a P5P and failed :( I was doing so good untill MACS limited Edition Hibiscus l/s came out. I caved and bough it.

  7. Good luck! No easy task, but looks like you have some great products to go through!


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