Thursday, 1 September 2011

Most Used: Foundation

For years I never used drugstore foundations... Of course Boots was my first port of call when I began using makeup, but I soon turned to brands such as Lancome and Clinique.

Nowadays I'm a drugstore foundation junkie! That's not to say I don't like higher end foundations, because I do, but they just don't give you the same perks.

So what do I love about drugstore foundation?

1) They're cheap

2) The price means you can buy more than one shade and then mix!

3) Shops like Boots are always having deals such as 3for2.

4) And personally, I think the quality can be just as good as more expensive products!

Now, onto my favourites...

Revlon Colorstay: A heavy coverage foundation, comparable to MAC Studio Fix. The colour range is fantastic (although better in the US) and it comes in two different formulas for dry skin and combination/oily skin. The downsides are that as it is a thicker formula I've found it can cause blemishes if not removed properly and it can also look quite cakey if skin is not moisturised well enough! I like to apply with the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki (F80) or the Sonia Kashuk Flat Top brush, but you have to apply in sections or you can be left with patches!

Revlon Photoready: A light coverage foundation, comparable to Nars Sheer Glow. The formula is light and leaves the skin looking fresh and natural but with an added 'sheen'! The only downside to this foundation is that because it contains SPF20 it can cause the dreaded 'white face/tanned body' in pictures. To be honest, I love the glow it gives and if I had to pick I'd say this was my favourite (at the moment)! I like to apply it with my fingers as it's so easy to work with.

Bourjois Healthy Mix: A light/medium coverage foundation. The formula is light and easy to work with. It gives a nice healthy glow to the face, just as the bottle describes and it is easily the nicest smelling foundation on the market (slightly fruity, but not sickly!). The only downside is that the shade range is slightly warmer toned, so those who are very cool toned may need to mix. As the formula is so easy to work with, I like to apply using my fingers.

Let me know what your favourite foundation is. I'd love some suggestions for what I should try out next!


  1. I've been meaning to pick up a Revlon foundation for aaaages now, they do have a great colour range, I think because i have found foundations that I like i tend to stick to those. I love the idea of mixing though x x

  2. I change my preference for foundations all the time - but I always go back to Chanel. They are expensive, but definitely worth the money.

    Kisses, Melanie

  3. I really want to try ColourStay but I'm scared it will break me out xx

  4. I really love drug store foundation I got two high end one. My favourite one is Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation. I think that this bourjois one is breaking me out. xx

  5. I love everything about Bourjois, it usually doesn't feel like I have any foundation on when I wear one of theirs :). I've been meaning to try Revlon PhotoReady for ages but it just keeps slipping my mind, grr x

  6. My all-time favourite and the one and only I've been using for years is Revlon Beyond Natural - the one which matches to your skin. The most amazing thing is that it really DOES match to your skin - even when I am super-pale in winter or mega-tanned in the summer. AMAZING! :) X

  7. P.S. I want to try Bourjois Healthy Mix, even thought I've heard it can make your skin prone to spots. I have a £2 off voucher for it, but have to wait for November. ;) X

  8. Great post, I love my Bourjois Healthy Mix, I might try colour stay to see what it's like as I'm currently using EL double wear to see how it compares.

    I do love drugstore foundations because as you say they are really good one of my other faves has to be Myface from boots :)


  9. i am obsessed with revlon photoready! i picked it up after running out of makeup forever hd and i will definitely continue to repurchase it! i find the the coverage is perfect yet still buildable. the finish is flawless and the glow is beautiful!

  10. I love this post as I'm super clueless with foundation I have pretty goood skin (not boasting it's literally one good thing about me ha-ha) I never have spots but it's so prone to looking tired so I'vve been looking around for something to pep it up a little :) the bourjois sounds lovely because it gives a glow :) great review will have to hunt a few of these out and see if I can find one in colour ghostwhite99999 :p



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