Monday, 26 September 2011

Grungy and Grey with a Metallic finish!

It was pretty miserable weather last week - of course that has all changed now as is typical for Blighty and we're predicted to have temperatures of 27 degrees on Friday!

Anyway, with the weather being quite chilly I wanted to wrap up in some lovely, warm knitwear. So I opted for a grey and black baggy sweater from BooHoo, which I paired with my H&M leather-look shorts. These shorts are probably my favourite acquisition for the Autumn/Winter season - they give every outfit an edgy feel!

On a completely separate note, after taking these photos I realised I'm in serious need of a hair appointment...not only are my roots starting to come through, but I also really want to sort out the ends which are still darker and slightly too warm toned. Going blonde is a pain, especially when you want to keep your length and have as silky, healthy hair as is possible!

I also wore Orly's Rage, which is one of my favourite Autumn/Winter nail polishes. I love it all year round, but it really brightens up a dark outfit and even looks pretty in the dim, grey light of the cold wintry evenings.

Nail polish - Orly Rage
Too Faced palette - Silk Teddy over lid, Push-up in crease and Heaven as a highlight
Bourjois Liner Feutre, Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Sleek Pixie Pink blush

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!



  1. great outfit :)
    i love the pullover and the nailpolish ♥

  2. 27 degrees on friday!? Amazing.. ive just packed all my summer clothes away! Ha Ha!

    Love the jumper! :)
    George |

  3. i just ordered the shorts after seeing your haul :) what type of shoes did you wear xx

  4. Orly Rage is my absolute favourite nail polish! Matches just about every outfit :)
    Love that jumper by the way, may have to make a sneaky purchase as my wardrobe is still full of summer dresses and blouses x

  5. Olga - Thank you :) x
    Frecklie - I know..crazy British weather!!x
    Krystle - Just some flat black pumps x
    Lydia - I know, I forget just how lovely it is.x

  6. I've been looking for a jumper JUST like this, is this current season? Gorgeous look, perfect for out weather!


  7. Love how your nail polish matches your eyeshadow :D! Also love that jumper you have on, I seriously don't know how to dress anymore because of this weather, it's doing my head! xoxo

  8. Emma - Yeah it is current season. The item is linked in the text..but now looking at it, it's not very obvious - I may need to change it :) x
    ArtDonatella - Aww thanks hun! I know, the UK was freezing last week and now it's in the 20's again - weird!xx

  9. I've been wrapping up in warm chunky knits too,I really feel the cold, that jumper looks cool and I agree about the shorts - edgy xx

  10. I'm in love with your sweater! Can I ask you which size are you wearing? Just to decide if take an S or M.

  11. Vale - It's an XS because they didn't have S but it stills comes up quite big.


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