Friday, 9 September 2011

Current skincare routine

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to skin care and usually mix and match a multitude of different products.

However, over the past couple of months I have created some semblance of a routine...and I'm loving it!

But before I get into the products, I need to let you know about my skin type....I'm pretty much normal/combination nowadays and have left behind my hormonal teenage skin. This may have something to do with me getting into my mid-twenties or it may be because I've started using gentler products that cleanse rather than strip my skin.

To remove any makeup at night time I just use Simple face wipes and Bioderma Crealine for my eye makeup. I can't be bothered for the faff of products like Liz Earle, I just like something quick and easy in the evening!

In the morning (and if I can be bothered at night) I cleanse my face using Angels On Bare Skin from Lush. This stuff smells absolutely heavenly, makes my face feel really clean (without being dried out) and exfoliates gently at the same time. This cleanser is a big seller in Lush (according to the many sales girls i've spoken to) and seems to work for most skin types!

After cleansing I apply Lush Enchanted Eye Cream and then Lush Imperialis.

Enchanted Eye Cream is a really light lotion that sinks in quick and merely stops dryness around the eyes - it's not one for fighting off wrinkles.

Imperialis is a light lotion for those with combination skin and dries to an almost matte finish but leaves your skin feeling adequately moisturised.

If my skin is feeling a bit dry I turn to Celestial, which is made for sensitive skin and quickly eliminates any problems. I particularly like Celestial in the colder months around my nose and eyes where I get dry/itchy patches.

What are your holy-grail skincare products?


  1. I'm looking for a eye make up remover, is that Bioderma Crealine your fav?

  2. FitznBitz - Yeah it's fantastic..and really gentle!

  3. I love Angels on Bare Skin! Haven't used it since I stopped working at Lush though, I find it runs out too quickly and I can't afford to keep repurchasing!
    My HG skincare brand are Origins by far. Don't think I'll ever stop repurchasing their Starting Over moisturiser!

  4. I really want to try angels on bare skin but I have such sensitive skin I am so worried its going to react! I suppose there is only one way to find out :)
    My favorite skincare product at the moment has to be my L'0ccitaine moisturiser - Hypoallergenic ultra comforting cream!
    George |

  5. Haha I just did a skincare post last week, raving about LUSH! Have been using Angels and Celestial for years, and Breath of Fresh Air toner is incredible - check it outttt :). Where do you get your Bioderma from, may I ask? x

  6. Lipstick Sunshine - I got it from Ebay :) I've thought about picking up Breathing of Fresh Air before..thanks for the recommendation!x

  7. i've always wanted to try the bioderma for removing my makeup but i never see it in stores. i'm a freak about getting every last but off makeup off of my face at night!

  8. I get SO jealous when I hear people talk about Bioderma!!! WIsh we had it in the states :-(

  9. I survive on Nivea cleansing wipes (there was recently promotion of a one pack for £1 in Wilkinson!) and Nivea night cream. I also like Clinique eye cream and moisture surge. For cleansing I use Superdrug Vitamine E cleanser - no longer available. :( I think I'll do a similar post soon! ;) X

  10. Thanks for sharing your current skin care routine, I want to try the Bioderma Crealine makeup remover.:D

    Right now, I am loving my Elemis products.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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