Thursday, 22 September 2011

Barry M lip paints..yay or nay?

Barry M is definitely one of my favourite brands, particularly for nail polish. However, when it comes to lipstick(or should I say lip paints), I find they can be a bit hit and miss.

I don't mean this so much in terms of colour, because I think they have a fantastic range of shades. But more in terms of finish and consistency.

The four shades I currently have are 100 (Baby Pink), 101 (Marshmallow), 129 (Palest Lavender) and 146 (Dolly Pink).

100 is a gorgeous colour when swatched on my arm, but on the lips it makes me look like a clown. The problem with this lipstick is that the colour is far too opaque and the finish is quite matte/dry so it is hard to even apply lightly and blend to a sheerer effect.

101 is a pale nude, much like MAC's Creme D' Nude and Gosh Darling. Some have said it can appear somewhat chalky on the lips, which I do agree with, however I do think it can be sheered out. It's also nowhere near as dry as the 100, which I find hard to even move across my lips.

129 is a stunning colour and looks fantastic on cooler skintones. I love wearing this in the winter when everything looks quite grey - it certainly isn't a shade I feel I could pull off in summer. It's also lovely and creamy so really easy to apply.

146 is a gorgeous bright pink. It's not a shade I often wear as I'm more into pale pinks or nudes, but it can be sheered out. I would say it is probably the creamiest of the lipsticks.

It seems that perhaps the finish for one particular shade of lipstick may be different with each batch that is made, because I've seen many rave about the 100, however I find it insanely drying. Conversely I quite like the 101, which others have said is extremely drying.

What do you think of Barry M lipsticks?


  1. these look SO beautiful, but I cant even imagine wearing them!

  2. I have 151 a bright orange, other than for blog purposes I've never worn it, it's so bright. I agree with the drying thing, I had to use vaseline under it to help it move x

  3. I completely agree- I got 54 apeachy colour and it dried out my lips so much and was SO hard to apply because of its stodgy texture, I can't even think about it without feeling irritated! But I also gor Bright Pink at the same time and it's a lot better- but you definitely need a good balm and a gloss for this stuff! :)

  4. I used to love 101 but I discovered Gosh darling and much prefer that now. 54 and 147 are both orange/peach colours and are stunning as well


  5. I was excited when I got 100 Baby Pink and sww it in the tube, but once on the lips, it's another story ):

  6. My favourite is dolly pink. I like their lip paints but some can be very drying specially the 147


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