Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Aqua Gold and Facets of Fuschia

Last week (prior to starting Project10Pan) I picked up a couple of items while in Boots...

'Facets of Fuchsia' by Revlon and Aqua Gold no.92 Dazzle Dust by Barry M.

Aqua Gold is a gorgeous shade of green/blue with gold flecks throughout. I've never been a fan of colourful eyeshadow, but this shade is very multi-tonal and adds 'something special'! I don't feel that the picture below really picks up the colour adequately - in real life it's brighter and much more beautiful!

I placed Barry M's Silver Black no.91 on the inner half of my lid and then added Aqua Gold on the other 2/3rds of my eyelid. In the crease I used Urban Decay's Gunmetal from the Naked palette and then as a highlight I used Barry M's Gold Iridescent no.27.

While I love Aqua Gold, I'm not entirely sold on Facets of Fuchsia. It is really pretty when applied, but it takes 3 coats to get a nice opaque cover and because of that it takes ages to dry. It is also a pain to get off, taking over ten minutes - glitter always makes polish removal difficult, but this was particularly hard! Again, the picture below doesn't show the colour as it is - the 3D glitter is fuchsia not purple - I may need to use a different camera to photograph.

Have you tried Facets of Fuchsia or Aqua Gold? What do you think of 3D nail polish?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Grungy and Grey with a Metallic finish!

It was pretty miserable weather last week - of course that has all changed now as is typical for Blighty and we're predicted to have temperatures of 27 degrees on Friday!

Anyway, with the weather being quite chilly I wanted to wrap up in some lovely, warm knitwear. So I opted for a grey and black baggy sweater from BooHoo, which I paired with my H&M leather-look shorts. These shorts are probably my favourite acquisition for the Autumn/Winter season - they give every outfit an edgy feel!

On a completely separate note, after taking these photos I realised I'm in serious need of a hair appointment...not only are my roots starting to come through, but I also really want to sort out the ends which are still darker and slightly too warm toned. Going blonde is a pain, especially when you want to keep your length and have as silky, healthy hair as is possible!

I also wore Orly's Rage, which is one of my favourite Autumn/Winter nail polishes. I love it all year round, but it really brightens up a dark outfit and even looks pretty in the dim, grey light of the cold wintry evenings.

Nail polish - Orly Rage
Too Faced palette - Silk Teddy over lid, Push-up in crease and Heaven as a highlight
Bourjois Liner Feutre, Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Sleek Pixie Pink blush

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


Sunday, 25 September 2011

My first whack at Project 10 Pan!

So...I'm embarking on my first round of Project 10 Pan. I've got far too many products and I feel like they're taking over my room (I know that's a tad OTT but seriously, the amount I have makes me stressed).

Right, on to the products! I'm not going to include any makeup items as to be honest I don't like using makeup up. I like to make it last for as long as is humanly possible!

Instead, I am going to try and use products that either get forgotten about, or are just not that great!

1) Butterlicious Cocoa and Vanilla Body Butter - A nice, moisturising body butter. The only problem I have with it is the smell. It's not an unpleasant smell, but wearing it interferes with any perfume I wear and I much prefer a more subtle smell.

2) Body Shop Pomegranate Body Butter - Again, this product is a nice thick moisturiser. However I don't really like the scent of it, it always smells like it's off!

3) Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter - I adore the scent of this! But again, it interferes with perfume and I think I'd prefer to buy moisturisers that are lightly scented from now on.

4) Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I don't get this! It's so hyped about, and it never fails to be out of the top products lists, but what's the point of it? It makes my skin look greasy when I wear it as a base for makeup and does nothing as a mask.

5) Simple Age Resisting Eye cream - A bit of a 'blah' eye cream...does nothing special, just moisturises.

6) Clarins Gel Buste Super Lift - This I want to use daily to see if it does what it says. I'm bad when it comes to using products everyday, but I want a firmer, more lifted bust. So I will stick to this!

7) Nivea My Silhouette - This is a gel that says it will reduce fat in the areas you apply it and streamline you. I can't see how that is possible, but it does seem to firm the skin! I mainly want to use this up and buy a new 'miracle cream' :)

8) Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-free Facial Wash - A purchase I made while on holiday as I only took an exfoliating face wash (stupid, I know!). Ill probably plonk this one in my gym bag.

9) TRESemme Heat Defence Spray - I've got no gripes with this product. The reason I want to use it up is because I have about a million heat defence sprays, but I don't use them...and apparently it's important. So I'm forcing myself to use this.

10) L'oreal Lash Renewal Serum - I really like this, but always forget to use it. It makes my lashes feel lovely and soft.

Until all these items are used up, I am not buying any beauty products, unless it's an essential!

Have you tried Project 10 Pan?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion!!?

I was ecstatic when I happened to stumble across this on Amazon! I have no idea why I was even looking up St Moriz...I guess it was fate.

Anyway, I had to put in an order the minute I saw it!

And I've finally tried it out...so here's what I think of it:

1) The packaging is fantastic. You can pop up the lid/pump and when you're finished using the product it's nice and easy to close it again - no more mess when travelling.

2) It's moisturising so you don't end up with scaly/rough patches of skin.

3) It didn't apply exceptionally smoothly, but I'm putting that down to the fact that I used gloves which I don't normally use. I shall be buying a new mitt before I use it again and I hope that will give a much more even finish.

4) It gave me a lovely golden glow, which I expected as the St Moriz mousse always gave a lovely colour.

5) Even though it's a lotion, it's not overly oily or tacky. With St Tropez lotion I find it takes ages for the product to dry, whereas with this I was able to dress within a couple of minutes.

6) The smell is very subtle and that's one gripe I have with St Tropez - the smell can make me feel a bit sick because it's quite overpowering.

In the pictures above you can see before and after I've use the St Moriz lotion. As you can see the colour it gives is a nice golden brown, not too orange and if I desired a darker colour I could easily apply the lotion again to build it up.

Overall I'm really impressed and highly recommend it, especially if you have dryer skin. I found the mousse formula really drying and started getting eczema on my arms, which is why I switched to the much more expensive St Tropez.

Obviously my views at the moment are first impressions and I'm going to continue to use the St Moriz lotion, see how it fairs after a couple of months use, and will update you if I feel any differently about it.

Have you tried St Moriz lotion?


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Friday, 23 September 2011

A Grungy Nail Fix

So...it's a Friday night, you've only got time to rush in the door and change clothes before you head out for a night on the tiles, but your nail polish is chipped.

Then look no further, Barry M Instant Nail Effects Crackle polish in black will make your nails look some what put together...that is, if you like the grungy look!

Using a crackle polish is probably faster than taking your polish off all together as it dries within about a minute!

Essie's Merino Cool (Slightly chipped)

Essie's Merino Cool with Barry M Crackle Polish in black on top

I never used to be a fan of crackle polishes, but after trying Barry M's Gold Crackle I was hooked. I also came to the realisation that the black Crackle Polish could look really grungy, and I love that look, so I have no idea why it took me so long to buy this.

Have a wicked weekend everyone!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Edgy Tailoring!

Last night I went out for a lovely roast dinner with the family, and finally wore something a bit more blog-worthy. I've been stuck in a t-shirt, jeans and converse rut for the past two weeks!

I've been eager to wear my leather-look shorts but they're a bit edgy for a family dinner, so I paired them with a soft, draped blazer to tone down the look.

Blazer - H&M
White long sleeve tee - Topshop
Leather-look shorts - H&M
Black tights - Tesco F&F
Necklace - Forever 21
Cuff - Forever 21
Watch - Emporio Armani
Nail polish - Models Own Becca's Brown with OPI Brisbane Bronze over the top
Heels - Office

I've been really impressed by H&M's clothing over the past couple of months, and particularly the items they've bought out for the Autumn Season because I'm a big fan of grunge/gothic inspired pieces!

Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
Sleek Contour kit in light
Sleek Pixie Pink Blush
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow (all over lid)
MAC Satin Taupe (Outer V)
MAC Naked Lunch (Highlight)
MAC Impeccable Brown pencil in Dirty Blonde
Bourjois Liner Feutre
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
MAC Creme Cup lipstick

I'd forgotten just how beautiful MAC's Woodwinked is! When applied it looks like foil, and the way it glistens in the light - stunning!

Have you tried Woodwinked eyeshadow?

Have a lovely day everyone!


Barry M lip paints..yay or nay?

Barry M is definitely one of my favourite brands, particularly for nail polish. However, when it comes to lipstick(or should I say lip paints), I find they can be a bit hit and miss.

I don't mean this so much in terms of colour, because I think they have a fantastic range of shades. But more in terms of finish and consistency.

The four shades I currently have are 100 (Baby Pink), 101 (Marshmallow), 129 (Palest Lavender) and 146 (Dolly Pink).

100 is a gorgeous colour when swatched on my arm, but on the lips it makes me look like a clown. The problem with this lipstick is that the colour is far too opaque and the finish is quite matte/dry so it is hard to even apply lightly and blend to a sheerer effect.

101 is a pale nude, much like MAC's Creme D' Nude and Gosh Darling. Some have said it can appear somewhat chalky on the lips, which I do agree with, however I do think it can be sheered out. It's also nowhere near as dry as the 100, which I find hard to even move across my lips.

129 is a stunning colour and looks fantastic on cooler skintones. I love wearing this in the winter when everything looks quite grey - it certainly isn't a shade I feel I could pull off in summer. It's also lovely and creamy so really easy to apply.

146 is a gorgeous bright pink. It's not a shade I often wear as I'm more into pale pinks or nudes, but it can be sheered out. I would say it is probably the creamiest of the lipsticks.

It seems that perhaps the finish for one particular shade of lipstick may be different with each batch that is made, because I've seen many rave about the 100, however I find it insanely drying. Conversely I quite like the 101, which others have said is extremely drying.

What do you think of Barry M lipsticks?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Autumn/Winter nails!

I've been looking forward to Autumn and Winter for what feels like months now.
I know, this sounds crazy, especially when the weather in the UK is questionable even in the warmer months. But I've been so excited for darker shades of nail polish, and it just doesn't feel the same when I wear them in the summer.
So, let me show you some of my favourites...

OPI Yes...I Can-Can, OPI Bogota Blackberry, OPI Brisbane Bronze and OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Essie Angora Cardi, Essie Mink Muffs and Essie Merino Cool

Nails Inc Saville Row, Ciate Wait Until Dark (Free with Marie Claire last month) and Orly Rage

I know these are all polishes that are considered higher end, but for some reason I don't seem to have many deep shades from budget brands or my favourite, Barry M...Although I have had my eye on Red Black, Burgundy, Red Wine, Chocolate Brown and Navy.

FYI, check EBay for cheaper Essie, Orly and OPI polishes! I've rarely bought from the UK for the hefty £10 price tag, although I am tempted by OPI's Crown Me Already from the Miss Universe collection as I've not found it anywhere online for cheaper.

What's your favourite Autumn/Winter nail polish?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What I'm loving right now

Contrary to the typical 'What I'm loving right now' posts that other bloggers have done, I am not going to be talking about products that I've been loving for the past week or month. Instead I am going to talk about some products that I literally am loving right now, at this moment!

These items may be things that I miss out of my monthly favourites because they're not my most used, but I feel they deserve some honourable mentions nevertheless.

1) Lush Dream Cream - I bought this last week because my legs have been really itchy due to the change in temperature here in the UK. While it hasn't completely solved the problem, it is a lovely, thick moisturiser that hydrates my skin and smells very delicately of lavender (which reminds me of Angels on Bare Skin).

2) MUA Neutral palette - The palette of the moment, costing only £4! The shadows are amazingly pigmented, blend easily and are a perfect mix of neutrals. This palette is definitely worth the hype!

3) Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy - I have a collection of about 8 or 9 perfumes that I pick and choose from on a day to day basis. At the moment I am loving Midnight Fantasy - it's a fruity/girly scent that I don't find too overpowering or sickening.

4) Yves Saint Laurent Elle - One of my 'grown up' perfumes. I've had this for a couple of years, but have just fallen in love with it in the past week. I always thought it smelled too adult for me, but I think I've finally grown into it. It is said to be a blend of fresh, floral and musky notes!

5) Sleek blush in Life's a Peach - I purchased this last week as I don't own a peachy shade of blush. Probably the closest thing to it that I own is ELF's Candid Coral, but that has a shimmery finish, where as this is much more natural. It gives a gorgeous 'pop' of colour to the cheeks that looks lovely with pale skin, but I could imagine it would suit many different skintones.

6) L'oreal 6h Glam Shine in Forever Nude - This has been in my collection for years, but I fell back in love with it last week when making a video for my YouTube channel. It smells lovely, makes your lips look fuller and isn't sticky what so ever. The only downside is the price, which I believe is about £8.

7) Lancome Hypnose Mascara - This definitely deserves the praise it gets! I never actually knew the name of this mascara until recently - I know that sounds daft, but I've always got it as a gift with purchase and never read the packaging. It gives you lifted, long, full lashes and is so quick and easy to take off.

8) L'oreal Lash Renewal Serum - This is one of my 'project 10 pan' products - not because I don't like it, but because I need to use it up. It makes my lashes feel soft and nourished.

What products are you loving right now?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Barry M Gold Crackle

I've spent the last couple of days clearing out junk from the house and so have been in no state to do any outfit posts...So that is why I'm doing another 'nail of the day' post!

Along with my order from Asos in which I received the Barry M foil polishes, I also bought my first crackle polish in gold. And although I didn't think much of the effect before, I'm now in love with it and want it in lots of different colours (typical, huh!!?).

The great aspect of this polish is that it really lasts! I've done massive amounts of washing today and yet my nails show no sign of it - amazing!! The only downside - I can't see it being very 'work friendly' and I will probably need to opt for something more conservative when I'm back to the 9-5.

Trying to get into the Autumn spirit I used one coat of Models Own Grace Green as a base and then the Barry M Gold Crackle Nail paint on top! I thought it might look like the leaves as they start to change colour, but perhaps a rusty red base would have been better.

Have you tried crackle nail polishes and what do you think of them?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Barry M Foil Effect Nail Paints!

As soon as I saw these polishes on Asos I knew I had to have them - firstly because I'm a nail polish junkie and secondly because nail art foils look so fiddly to me and these seemed like an easier option!

On trying them out I am very impressed by both the effect and the consistency of the polishes. They dry really quickly and were pretty much opaque with just one coat (although I applied two).

The only downside is that you can see the brush strokes on the nail which somewhat takes away from the foil effect...but maybe I was a bit clumsy with my application!

Barry M Instant Effects - Silver Foil no.319

Barry M Instant Effects - Gold Foil no.320

Have you tried the Barry M foil polishes or have you had a go at nail art foils?

Monday, 12 September 2011

Can you see what I see?

OK, I know, weird title! I was at a loss as to what to title this post...but all will make sense when I tell you about my newest acquisition that I was sent by the brand Total Skull.

It can be really hard to tell how an item is going to look when you've only seen something online, but I was very impressed when I received my top in the post!

1) It's 100% cotton and feels lovely and soft
2) There is so much detail put into the print - I love the way it looks faded and grungy in some areas
3) It is the perfect length at just below the jeans line
4) And finally, it has a massive skull printed into the stripes, which gives the top a subtle rock edge...(it's also the reason for my somewhat strange title!)

Overall I was so impressed by the quality of this top and if the rest of the brand's clothing is anything like the quality of this top, I would highly recommend Total Skull. It's the perfect collection of t-shirts for anyone who likes rock inspired pieces. To check out more from the brand click here.

As well as the top by Total Skull I also wore a pair of light blue jeans from River Island and my All Stay Converse which I have completely fallen back in love with. I wore some converse copies from New Look all summer while working at a children's day care centre and realised that I love the way they look with almost anything...and they're really comfy!

And finally my makeup consisted of:

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 51

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair

Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot

Too Faced Velvet Revolver (through eyebrows)

MAC Satin Taupe across eyelid

MAC Espresso in outer v

MAC Phloof! as highlight

Lancome Le Crayon Khol (eyeliner) in Noir - rubbish on waterline

Bourjois Liner Feutre

Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara

Sleek Contour Kit in light (bronzer to contour)

ELF Studio blush in Candid Coral

MAC Cremecup lipstick

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Long lasting nails!

All the topcoats I've ever bought that claim to make nail polish last for days and days are out the window...

And why is that?

Because they do absolutely nothing for the longevity of my nail polish! So I've gone back to basics - the way I would have done it back in the day when I was in my teens....no base coat and no top coat.

My quick easy nail routine now goes something like this:
1) Clip back and file
2) Apply Solar Oil to replenish my nails
3) Apply nail polish (preferably no more than two coats or the polish may peel)

And that's it!

If you would like to see a full review of Solar Oil then click here :)

Of course the nail polish you use is also quite important in ensuring long lasting colour and for me personally, nothing beats Barry M... They dry fast, the colour is opaque with a couple of coats and they don't chip for days!

That being said, I've just got my hands on some Models Own polishes and so far they have really 'wowed' me...but it's early days and for now Barry M are still my no.1 for nail polish.

Pictured above are: Neon Pink, Blueberry Ice Cream, Mint Green and Pink Flamingo

What's your favourite nail polish brand? Have you got a routine that makes your polish last for days?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Current skincare routine

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to skin care and usually mix and match a multitude of different products.

However, over the past couple of months I have created some semblance of a routine...and I'm loving it!

But before I get into the products, I need to let you know about my skin type....I'm pretty much normal/combination nowadays and have left behind my hormonal teenage skin. This may have something to do with me getting into my mid-twenties or it may be because I've started using gentler products that cleanse rather than strip my skin.

To remove any makeup at night time I just use Simple face wipes and Bioderma Crealine for my eye makeup. I can't be bothered for the faff of products like Liz Earle, I just like something quick and easy in the evening!

In the morning (and if I can be bothered at night) I cleanse my face using Angels On Bare Skin from Lush. This stuff smells absolutely heavenly, makes my face feel really clean (without being dried out) and exfoliates gently at the same time. This cleanser is a big seller in Lush (according to the many sales girls i've spoken to) and seems to work for most skin types!

After cleansing I apply Lush Enchanted Eye Cream and then Lush Imperialis.

Enchanted Eye Cream is a really light lotion that sinks in quick and merely stops dryness around the eyes - it's not one for fighting off wrinkles.

Imperialis is a light lotion for those with combination skin and dries to an almost matte finish but leaves your skin feeling adequately moisturised.

If my skin is feeling a bit dry I turn to Celestial, which is made for sensitive skin and quickly eliminates any problems. I particularly like Celestial in the colder months around my nose and eyes where I get dry/itchy patches.

What are your holy-grail skincare products?
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