Friday, 5 August 2011

Why is MAC so addictive?

Is it just me or is MAC really addictive?

I've been trying to rein in my shopping habits in a bid to save some money for future holidays and in the hope of getting a flat with the fiance. But, I cannot kill my obsession for collecting MAC makeup. Especially when they bring out new collections every few weeks!

In all fairness though, the purchases I made last week were bought with a gift card from my soon to be parents in law, so it doesn't really count as breaking my spending ban.

My first stop is always the lipstick counter, as they are by far my favourite MAC product! They're creamy, smell delicious and come in so many gorgeous shades. This time I opted for Hue, which is a soft pale pink with a frost finish, and Lovelorn which MAC describe as an emotive blue pink with a lustre finish. Both these lipsticks look a lot darker in the tube than they come out on the lips, which is typical for frost and lustre lipsticks.

I've also been eyeing up a few of the paint pots for a while now, and after much deliberation I decided to go with Soft Ochre. It's a matte yellow beige, which neutralises any redness on your eyelids perfectly. This is great if you're going for a natural matte eye look, however, if you love a bit of shimmer I would recommend Bare Study which has a more pearlised look to it.

Pictured above (with flash) starting from the left are Hue(frost), Lovelorn(Lustre) and Soft Ochre.

I would definitely recommend Hue as a staple to any MAC lover - it has been all I've worn on my lips for the past two weeks!

Lovelorn is a product I would recommend to anyone who wants to get into wearing slightly darker lipsticks but doesn't want to go too full on with a really opaque shade.

And as for Soft Ochre, I would say it's perfect if you're looking for a matte eye shadow base, but as I said before if you want something more shimmery go for Bare Study - which is by far my favourite paint pot!

Have you bought any MAC products recently?

Hope you've had a lovely week :)



  1. Don't even get me started on MAC! I am a woman obsessed. I literally have to be pulled from the counter after I glue myself to it. The Hue lipstick and Soft Ochre look amazing!

    About Soft Orche - is it really matte finish, or are there still tiny glitter particles? I have so many eye shadown, crayons, etc., etc. with glitter (especially from Bourjois), that at this point I want a matte finish. :) X

  2. MademoiselleLala - No glitter in Soft Ochre, it's a completely matte finish x

  3. Hue looks gorgeous! I'm obsessed with MAC! There's always about 88564563658 things on my wishlist and I have around 30 MAC eyeshadows, a bunch of pigments, paintpots, fluidlines and lipsticks! They're a fantastic brand <3

    Gem x

  4. Yes is the answer to that Katey! Why though? I love their eyeshadows, MSFs and Lipsticks. I have hue it's a gorgeous colour but I can't wear it at the minute, makes me look ill with a bit of a tan. I was going to get Painterley, but I'll have a look at Soft Ochre too. Nice post hun xx

  5. I really want some MAC paint pots my eyeshadows always crease and I'm hoping this will help! I've just subscribed to your youtube channel. I love it!! xx

  6. I'm not sure I understand the hype surrounding MAC but I do love their lipsticks (:


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