Sunday, 14 August 2011

Stroppy English weather

Shirt - La Redoute

Skull tank top - Asos

Shorts - Topshop

Tights - Tesco F&F

Bracelets - Asos, Forever 21(1,2) and H&M

I bought this shirt from La Redoute a little while ago (the link to the shirt is listed above), but I actually found it through, which FYI is fantastic for clothing and accessories! It's quite warm for summer as it's made of a slightly thicker material, so I like to wear it with a vest underneath so I can strip off if needs be. To be honest it's perfect for the stroppy English weather, as one second it's absolutely freezing and then suddenly the clouds blow away, the sun comes out and you're frying.

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend!



  1. You look fab, so rock, so chic, I would not want to mess with you :P (joke)! Again, love, love those boots!!!!! xoxo

  2. Katie, I love your style and blog, you always look so well put together - i'm really envious of your ability to wear anything well (: I love the shirt, and was wondering what size you ordered as i'm a similar size to you? Xx

  3. Love the look and the skull tank top is fab.

  4. ArtDonatella - Thank you, haha!!
    RosyAppleBlush - Thank you so much! I got it in a ten..but it comes up quite loose fitted :) x
    Cornflakegirl - Thank you :)

  5. Your shirt looks comfy and I like your bracelet combo.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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