Friday, 19 August 2011

Poorly pooch

Grey vest - River Island

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - River Island

Bracelets - Asos

Necklace - Primark

Pumps (Converse style) - New Look

Let me start by introducing you to Pipi (the little white fluff-ball photographed above). If you've read my blog before you will already know that she's been a bit poorly recently and has had a couple of seizures which are really upsetting for anyone witnessing them. We took her to a specialist a few weeks ago where she had a number of tests including a brain scan and they concluded that it might be epilepsy or a 'one-off'! But yesterday she had two seizures within the space of 12 hours, so we're getting a little worried, because we've heard that too many can cause problems within her brain. If you've had a dog that has seizures I'd really appreciate any advice you could give me. At the moment we're yo-yoing back and forth as to whether we should put her on medication to control the seizures.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I love these River Island jeans. I bought them about 8 years ago and no other pair compares to them. They fit perfectly, make me look slimmer and (comparing the cost to the amount they've been worn) are amazing value for money! Where are your favourite jeans from? Do you think high street can be just as good as higher end brands?



  1. Oh bless her the poor little mite <3 she's so adorable! I've heard that sometimes seizures come off as looking worse on teeny dogs though as obviously they're so small their whole bodies react to what's going on. Not saying that it's nothing to worry about - it does sound scary and like it needsto be treated, but it might be something to keep in mind that because she's so teeny it's looking like it's much more intense.

    Hope she gets better soon honey I know what it's like having a poorly pet I worry about my cat as if she's my child ha-ha. She sneezes and im like 'Omg she's got a cold' -runs for blanket-

    Your outfit is gorge I love the waistcoat :) it's really cool + adds a great edge to the look :) you pull off casual chic to perfection lady!


  2. So sorry to hear about your dog. It's heartbreaking when they're ill and they whimper and put on the puppy dog eyes isn't it :/ Hope it's nothing serious & she gets better soon!
    Your outfit is really cool :) x

  3. Ahhh cute pup! Sorry to hear your dog has been poorly, I can't really help you on this as I haven't had a pooch for ages! I always get clothes envy when i read your posts, those jeans look gorgeous! You're super slim too! I'm well 'jel' lol x x

  4. I am so sorry that she is not well. My doggie is not well either, I don't really want to think about what may happen. I didn't want to comment, because I feel like crying, but we need to be strong, right? :(


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