Friday, 12 August 2011

In turmoil!

'Easy' tee - Asos

Shorts - Topshop

Belt - Aveneged Sevenfold buckle from Camden market

Boots - New Look

Cross necklace - Asos

Bracelets - Asos, boutique in Rhodes and Sonisphere wristband

Nail polish - Barry M Red

I'm having slight writers block today and have been sat staring at this blog post for ages thinking of what I want to far I've come up with nothing. I think the events of this week, with all the chaos we've had across the country, has just left me feeling angry and full of so many thoughts regarding the matter that I can't focus on much else. So I'm just gonna say that I am upset and shocked that so many people across Britain could commit the crimes that have occurred this week and I think not only the government, but also communities and families across the country need to look at why this has happened and how we can sort the problem out. I hope you're all OK and have not got caught up in any of the trouble.




  1. I saw your pictures first and was going to write ooh love your eye makeup or something similar, then I read the text and though that might seem a little shallow : /

    but like you I have writers block, I feel whatever I say on the matter might be a bit irrelevant so I'll just go with the following

    Love your eyemakeup here


  2. Loving the boots, sorry to hear about the writers block.

    It's really shocking to see what the countries come to, I hate how close to home it all is aswell as I'm in the middle between Birmingham and Wolverhampton where riots have took place.


  3. It's really sad what the world has come to. We all should do something about it.

    Whenever I feel like there is nothing to write about, I let my mind rest for a day and usually, ideas would keep crawling back.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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