Monday, 8 August 2011

Forever 21 Jewels

A couple of weeks ago the first Forever 21 opened up in London. We've had one here in England for a while now, but it's up in Birmingham which is a long trek from where I live.

So I popped on down to the opening day, but as usual I got annoyed at the hustle and bustle of Oxford street and couldn't be bothered to go in. Instead I had a look on their website when I got home and found lots of lovely jewellery to buy!

There were quite a few clothing items that I carted but ended up not buying because F21 sizing really confuses me. I'd usually buy a small if I want an item fitted or medium if I want it looser, but the sizing guide says a small is a UK 6-8 which there's no way I could fit. How do you guys find the sizing? Would a medium fit a UK size 10 or be too big?

I ended up buying 10 items of jewellery which came to £63, which in my books isn't too bad. First off I got these long length crosses for £3.90 each, I've had a bit of an obsession with crosses lately and to be honest it seems many fashion bloggers have!

The next three items I purchased (pictured above) cost £5.65 for the cream wrap bracelet, £12.15 for the gold studded cuff and £8.90 for the black studded cuff.

I then purchased yet another studded cuff for £5.65 (pictured above), a brown studded cuff for £7.40 and a spike necklace for £7.40. When I last looked on Forever 21's website it seemed that the necklace was sold out, but there were plenty of other options to choose from that were very similar.

Lastly I bought a spike and chain bracelet for £4.90 and a pyramid stud bracelet for £3.15.

As usual, my purchases are all quite stud and spike heavy! To be honest, I was quite surprised how much rock/edgy pieces Forever 21 had on sale, I'd usually only find two or three bits in one shop.

Forever 21 is fast becoming one of my new favourite shops!

What do you think of Forever 21?


  1. Lovely bits and pieces hun, I love the spiked necklace and bracelets. I have no idea about the sizing I am yet to go in there yet xx

  2. I watched your video in this last night and was STRAIGHT on the website! I've been in the Birmingham one a few time's and when it comes to sizes I have things in so many different sizes, I think it's a case of trying on in there unfortunately!
    You got so much lovely stuff!


  3. what great purchases!

  4. Fun stuff, I like how all these can look worth more than they are.:D

    I like Forever 21, chic and cheap!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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