Monday, 15 August 2011


I have come to the realisation that the products in Lush are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them!

I'd been wanting to buy Vanilla Dee-Lite Body lotion for ages, I loved the smell and texture of the product when I tested it in-store, but for one reason or another always found something else I wanted more.

But the other week I decided that I wanted to buy a lotion that was more natural, because I've been getting itchy eczema patches on my arms, so when I popped in to Lush I opted for Vanilla Dee-Lite.

I applied it the next day all over my body, and I can honestly say I've never felt so sick in my whole life. The smell, for some reason, was so overpowering and sickening to me that within half an hour of putting it on I had to shower it off.

I also had trouble getting on with the smell of Charity Pot, which I got a sample of back in December. After testing a bit on my hand I immediately had to scrub at the patch to remove all traces of the smell.

It's always said that your own body chemistry plays a part in how a lotion or perfume will smell on your skin and these definitely don't work for me. I think buttery smells (which both of these seem to have) are not my cup of tea and don't sit right on my skin!

Have you tried Vanilla Dee-Lite? If not, have you bought anything at Lush that you didn't fancy the smell of?


  1. These were my thoughts on the blackberry ballistic.basically made me feel ill x

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you had that reaction to it! I've never tried this lotion, but I've probably tried everything else from LUSH. I don't like the smell of The Olive Branch shower gel - it contains bergamot (which smells like rotten oranges to me!)

    Kisses, Melanie

  3. I really like Vanilla Dee-Lite but I agree it's a bit overpowering :/ It makes my mum heave, she can't stand it! x

  4. That sucks that you didn't like the smell of it :( I'm not fond of the smell of the Jungle solid conditioner, I hate hate hate Patchuli!

    I really want the sympathy For The Skin body lotion, it smells amazing!!!

    Gem x

  5. hey hun,I agree with the marmite statement. Some things in there I would just never try, I'm not too keen on the vanilla smell and after reading this won't be buying it. Love Dragons Egg bath bomb though x x

  6. That's too bad :(. I feel like when you walk into Lush all of the smells blend together and you have no idea what you're smelling haha. The only vanilla-ish thing I've tried from there is Vanilla in the mist soap but that's more coffee smelling and delicious. I really like Vaseline Cocoa Butter but it depends if you like the smell.

  7. Oh no, sorry about that! I like this on my skin, the scent is just right with my body chemistry.

    ***** Marie *****
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