Monday, 16 May 2011

Lush Brazened Honey - the cure to hung-over skin?

A little while ago I went on a little spree in Lush and picked up Brazened Honey fresh face mask. It's said to be a powerhouse of effective ingredients for all tired skins, exfoliating, detoxifying, stimulating, and nourishing. If you've never used one of Lush's fresh face masks before, they are basically completely natural and contain no preservatives. While this is great, it also means they have to be kept in the fridge and run out of date pretty quickly. Each pot probably contains enough product for about ten uses, and has a sell by date of about 5 weeks, so it works out to about 2 uses per week. As the product has to be used in a certain amount of time, it may even make you use face masks more...well this is the way I try to look at it. It makes me feel less guilty for spending £5 on a product that only lasts just over a month.

The first time I used Brazened Honey I wasn't entirely impressed as I had a few spots on my chin and it didn't feel like it deeply cleaned my skin and got rid of oil like I had needed at that point. But after trying it another two times I have fallen completely in love with it for the following reasons:

  • It smells gorgeous, kind of like incense, and the smell stays on your skin for ages after use
  • After taking the mask of my skin felt incredibly soft and supple
  • When I applied my moisturiser after using the mask, it completely sank in rather than just sitting on top of my skin

My overall review on this mask is that it's the perfect product for if your skin is looking tired or hung-over!

Have you got any recommendations for Lush fresh face masks or any other Lush product you love?




  1. I haven't been overly impressed with Lush face masks in the past. I've used about three and none have done anything great for me so i don't really have any recommendations for you. I love all other Lush products though! Especially the bubble bars, and i am a serious fan of the lip scrubs :)

    Shannon xx

  2. I loved BB Seaweed left my skin incredible! I was suffering from redness and really bad discolouration (due to a higher end product) and this is the mask i used, along with some other Lush skin is soooo thankful for it :) xx

  3. @Shannon Ooh yeah the lip scrubs are tasty :) xx
    @Hayley Sounds promising! My friend gets really bad redness on her cheeks..I'll have to mention it to her! Thanks for letting me know hun xx

  4. I've never tried any of their masks before. I might give this a bash thanks hun x

  5. I LIKE THIS BLOG !!! I follow you. I'm very happy if you follow me too :D
    Alla moda e con stile

  6. Yeah, like Stacey's I didn't try these, but I might! X

  7. I Really want to try this now!

  8. @Stacey you're welcome! xx
    @Sassy Thank you xx
    @MaemoiselleLala Cool, let me know if you do xx
    @Sana Haha, let me know if you do xx

  9. Thanks for the review! I've not tried any Lush face masks before but I'm always tempted. This one sounds nice, might have to give it a go! x

  10. @Nar You're welcome hun.xx
    @MademoiselleLala haha..I'm studying at the moment for my dissertation so might be a bit slack with posts..hopefully today I can get one up :) xx

  11. I like this mask too!:D

    Try Love Lettuce & Cupcake!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. I can't wait to try out one of the Lush facemasks, I've heard good things about Porridge as well. Lovely blog too!:) x

  13. @SunshineRose Thank you!!xx

  14. I can't wait to try this! I've heard great things about the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask too :}
    I've had Cupcake before and it was sooo lush. Smelt delish like chocolate and really helped with any spots/redness :}


  15. @Charlotte Thanks for letting me know, i'll have to try them out!xx

  16. I like Lush because they try to stay sort of natural. Thanks for the review. I adore their Honey, I wished the kids soap. It smells heavenly!

  17. Nice review! I haven't tried a ton of stuff from Lush but this will be on my shopping list the next time I go there! xoxo

  18. @timetochangeoverblog Yeah, I like Lush for that reason as well.xx
    @Joann Thanks hun...I will deffo be buying it again.xx


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