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Festival tips!

Reading Festival 2010

Messy/curly/tousled hair is probably the easiest style to keep up at a festival, particularly if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. Straighteners are not always available!

Try not to use too much conditioner on your hair before you leave for the festival, as this will make you hair greasy quicker. If you're wearing your hair curly, conditioner will always cause the curls to drop faster.

Don't forget to take dry shampoo – it's fantastic if you don't want to wash your hair and gives lots of volumes if your hair is looking a bit flat.


If you're travelling to the festival via train or coach you want to take as little as possible, so I would advise taking small multi-use palettes.

If your foundation is in a glass bottle, it may be taken off you. So opt for a foundation in a plastic bottle instead.

Mirrors may also be taken off you, so perhaps find/buy a plastic mirror instead.

Take products for a look that takes minimal fuss. You often have to use small mirrors to apply your makeup so it isn't easy to do really elaborate makeup.

Also, try to take products that you can put on with your hands. Or, if necessary, take small travel size brushes.


If you're a fan of fake tanning, take a gradual tanner that you can use in the day to touch up any fading or patches. Try to use a really good brand of tanner before going and exfoliate properly to ensure a longer lasting tan. Also, take exfoliating gloves, to keep up with your usual fake tan routine.

Take multi-use products such as a face wash that can double as a body wash.

Face wipes are essential! You probably won't be able to wash your face with normal cleanser in the evening, and usually have to wait till you can have a shower the next day.

Take small aerosols as some festivals do not allow any above about 250ml.

Don't take your favourite perfume as glass may not be allowed.

Don't forget your razor and a nail file.

Reading Festival 2010 - Mud, Mud, Mud!

Wellies are a must for any festival in the UK as you never know what the weather's gonna do.

Take some sort of warm clothing as it can get absolutely freezing at night and sometimes even the best sleeping bag just isn't warm enough. Hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and some nice woolly socks are my faves!

Also, take some sort of waterproof jacket!

Personally I wouldn't bother taking jeans – they take ages to dry and feel awful when wet.

My favourite festival clothes would be light flowy skirts or dresses, leggings or denim shorts and tights.

Sonisphere Festival 2009 - Circle pit during Machine Head

Baby wipes

Toilet paper

Disposable barbecue's – plastic plates, knifes, forks and cups

Plastic water bottles – that can be refilled at the taps when empty. There's nothing worse than being hung-over and having no water in your tent.

Towel – preferably a thin beach towel that will dry quickly

Tent – Pop up tents are the easiest to put up, but do make sure to check videos online to learn how to put them down.

A backpack is much easier than a suitcase – I've often seen girls pulling suitcases across muddy fields. But, it just takes up room in your tent and brings in dirt and mud.


I would advise to take every medicinal thing you can think of that you may need – shops do have pain killers and the basics, but not everything!

I would take – Pepto Bismal, Alka Seltzer, Immodium, Rennie, Antihistamine and pain killers.
Deep heat is fabulous for aching backs and sore legs. And deep heat back pads are even better as they're great at keeping you warm too.

If hung-over, salty foods are fantastic. I always have a bag of ready salted crisps or hula hoops and they often make me feel heaps better – unless you've really gone to town!

Another tip for a hang-over is warm, flat coke, as it settles your stomach.

Luxury camping

For those of you lucky enough to go by car, you can have many of your home luxuries with you while camping.

Portable hairdryers and portable straighteners – these aren't fantastic, but do work somewhat. I would recommend the hairdryers more, the straighteners are a bit pants!

Blow up bed and a pump.

Camping chairs

Kettle, cutlery, pots and pans

Duvet – you can buy duvets for £10 from Sainsbury's. They're super warm and snugly – perfect for when you get back to your tent after a long day on your feet.

If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments box below!



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  7. oh you reminded me of family hangouts and campings!! those tips are so great!!! imma take help from them next time we go:)

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  11. This post is so informative, I find it hilarious that some girls actually take a suitcase to a festival, I would love to witness someone hauling their luggage across a waterlogged field(: Thanks Katey, will definitely refer back to this when I'm off to a few festivals later this year Xx

  12. Loved the tips! I was just thinking about it yestarday...What should i wear and where to go!!!Nice post!

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  14. Amazing tips! Especially love the deep heat tip for aches I'd never thought of that + I second the tip about warm stuff - it gets SO cold ha-ha.
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  15. Omg, thank you SO much for this post! It was really helpful. I definitely agreed with some, but I really needed to know a few other tips lol I suck at traveling with makeup and all that crap :/

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  18. Great Post, Im off to Leeds Festival this year and i'd have never really thought of some of these things! XXX

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  21. greta posts, full of incredible tips, it still amazes me how many people forget make up wipes at festivals!!! xxxx

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