Thursday, 5 May 2011

The bird and the worm

Boxy jumper – New Look

Denim shorts – Topshop

Tights – River Island

Boots – Kurt Geiger

Bracelets – ASOS

Cuff – Ebay

Nail polish – Essie French Affair

Lipstick – MAC Cremecup

Ok, so I may have been a tad lazy today and taken a song name - from one of my favourite bands The Used – as my title. It has absolutely nothing to do with my outfit but I guess sounds a bit 'spring-esque', you know birds and all...

I uploaded a new video to YouTube yesterday on repairing wrecked nails – I would love if you checked it out – click here if you want to watch. I'm feeling quite uninspired when it comes to YouTube, mainly because I'm so tiny in the YouTube world and I don't get many views. It takes so much time to record videos, edit then upload, but blog posts are much quicker to make and seem much better received. So anyhoo, I'll probably pay more attention to my blog from now on.

On to the outfit, I bought this boxy jumper recently from New Look and I adore it, it hides all your wobbly bits – arms and tummy – and I'm looking forward to wearing it with lots of different items, I think it would look great with leggings. Again, I'm wearing my denim shorts, but have changed up the shoes today! But, no close-up photo of the shoes unfortunately, because they looked filthy. I wore them lots when I went to Euro Disney for Christmas, and as it was snowing they got covered in the salt/grit that gets put down.

I'm currently checking out the 'Surf, Baby!' collection by MAC and wondering whether to buy anything, any recommendations? I'm mad about lipgloss at the moment and quite tempted by 'Girl on Board' and 'Good Lovin'.

Thanks for reading! I hope you're all having a good day.




  1. Love the simplicity of this outfit.
    Boxy Jumpers FTW! :-)


  2. Love the boxy jumper, lippie and nail varnish. Don't give up on YT, I watch your vids xx

  3. Love that song! And love your outfit even more :) gorgeous i'm obsessed with jumpers at the moment and with shorts they = perfection :)


  4. great bracekets :)

  5. bracelets*** :D

  6. Love this outfit and this hairstyle really suits you!

    Following you now fellow London blogger! :)

    Please visit my blog if you'd get a chance:

  7. gorgeous. Love the nail color.

  8. love love this outfit! thanks for the link to your video, I am in desperate need of repairing my nails xx

  9. Love this outfit your so cute!

  10. Cute casual outfit, loving your photos too.:D

    I'll watch your video tomorrow.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. @LeanneMarie Thank you hunny!x
    @Stacey Aww thanks! I don't necessarily want to give up, it just takes up a lot of time.xx
    @Sarah I love The Used. Thank you!xx
    @Erbeertörtchen Thank you!xx
    @Mademoiselle Lala Will definately check out your blog! Thanks hun!xx
    @Holly Thank you.xx
    @Rebecca Thanks hun! Hope the video helps.xx
    @Amber Thank you!xx
    @Marie Thanks hun, hope you enjoy :) xx

  12. @Carlito86 Thanks sweety xx

  13. your looking gorgeous!! love the outfit :) xx

  14. LOVE your gorgeous outfit and the nail polish is fabulous!

    Just came across your blog and loving it:)

  15. @PeachPoison Thank you hun xx
    @NatalieandLee Thank you so much!!xx


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