Friday, 15 April 2011

Weight loss tip and Outfit of the day

Weight loss tip

If you take a cod liver oil supplement 45mins before you workout, the good fats in the supplement will help burn the bad fats in your body.

When I first heard this tip I was sceptical, but, I did it last year before my summer holiday and I did seem to lose more weight than usual, I don't know perhaps it was all in my mind. To be honest though it does make sense as I often read how important it is to eat foods rich in 'good fats'. I'll link you to a video by DietHealth on YouTube where you can find out more information if you're interested. They don't actually talk about cod liver oil but fish oil rich in omega 3 which is pretty similar.

Outfit of the day

Sorry about the mirrored photo, I didn't have anyone to help me take photos. The bottom half of the outfit isn't that interesting anyway, just plain old skinny jeans.

When I was out yesterday I bumped into a girl I used to work with, who I hadn't seen for a year. We were chatting for a bit and she happened to mention that I looked a lot maturer, which I put down to this white and blue striped blazer. If people always think you're younger than you are, a blazer like this is a little gem. It instantly makes you look more sophisticated. This is another item in my wardrobe that will be worn to bits!

Blazer - H&M

White tank top - Topshop

Skinny jeans - Topshop

Let me know if you've tried taking cod liver oil before, I would love to know other people's results. Have a lovely weekend everyone!




  1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog & commenting & following :). Following you now. I shall definitely try the cod liver oil supplements , might just help me to shed some pounds heheh! x.x

  2. Oh it's funny you should comment on my blog - as I was just looking at yours this morning! I found you through Holly (yummy mummy) hehe :)
    Great tip by the way - I may try this out as I have just taken up running again to lose a bit of podge for summer xx

  3. @ArtDonatella Very sweet of you xx
    @Nida K Thank you for following hun xx
    @Lydia I know I'm so grateful to Holly for subscribing to me, she's helped me get lots more subbies. Thanks for following :) xx

  4. I have never taken Cod Liver before but have heard many good things. It's definitely something I want to try out. By the way, I love that blazer on you


  5. @Christina Thank you hunny!xx

  6. Nice tip, thanks for sharing!:D

    Loving the blazer on you, fit is great!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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