Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lashes Lashes Lashes

Over the last six months or so, I've become a real lash addict. Not so much that I would wear them everyday, 'cause I'm way too lazy for that, but more for weekends or nights out. My brand of choice would have to be Ardell as they have a lovely selection of lashes, but they aren't that affordable if you live in the UK. So, I had a look on Ebay and came across a number of shops that sold Ardell lashes at a fraction of the cost. The packaging for these is slightly different and does not contain the lash glue, but I think this is actually a bonus seen as I prefer Duo lash glue anyway!

The lashes above are the kind you can buy in Boots (if you live in the UK) which come with lash adhesive and cost around £5.50.

All the lashes below I bought off of Ebay from a seller called Beautyzone2007 for around £2 each. It was Lollipop26 who mentioned Beautyzone2007 on her blog, so I have her to thank for finding these fantastic bargains.

The Demi Wispies (shown directly above) are definitely my favourites and I've purchased these over and over again. Because the lashes get thicker and longer as they get to the outer edge, they help to make your eyes look wider and more open. If you like winging out your eyeliner, I would suggest trying these lashes.

What are your favourite Ardell eyelashes? Let me know if you have any other favourite brands.




  1. Oh, that looks amazing! Never tried fake eyelashes before, so must give these a go one day! They look fabulous on you :)xo

  2. They look amazing on you :) i've never really been a fan of false lashes, mainly because i find it quite difficult to actually put them on :P who knows, maybe one day i'll get the hang of it! Loved this post nevertheless :) xx

  3. @ArtDonatella Thanks hun, they're fun for doing different makeup looks :).xx
    @Shannon Thank you. They do take a while to get the hang of. I found watching lots of YT videos on it helped alot! xx

  4. absolutely love how those lashes look on you :)
    I'm thinking of a getting a few pairs of lashes - defiantely going to check out some of these!! x

  5. I like Ardell lashes too!:D

    My faves are the 110s and Demi Wispies!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. i'm a big fan of ardell too, but i don't have a favorite design yet! i just alternate with my mood!

    i love your blog! following you now :)


  7. @Nida K Thank you sweety!!xx
    @R May A Thank you hun.xx
    @Marie The 110's are lovely as well. Nice and natural xx
    @ Ashely Borysewich Thank you hun!xx

  8. Ardell lashes are my favs too, I actually prefer them to MAC lashes, well except the No 34's they're amazing. They look really nice on you too xx

  9. ooh thank you for the heads up :) they look so natural on you! Ive yet to master how to apply them properly :| x

  10. @Stacey Thank you! I've never bought any MAC lashes, have to check out the 34's!xx

    @Adrienne Thanks hun. It takes practice...took me a while.xx

    @Punahussy Thank you!x

  11. looks amaazing on you! Surprisingly natural.. Me likie

  12. @DelytefulSpeaks Thanks hun!xx

  13. I love Ardell lashes! A few months ago I bought 4 pairs of Demi Wispies from ebay for £12, there's no way I'd keep buying them in Boots etc. for £5+ a pack! Thanks for the eBay seller, will def. be checking their lashes out :}

  14. @Charlotte You're welcome. Boots are overpriced, especially when you don't want the glue.xx


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