Saturday, 19 March 2011

My favourite cream for dry skin and eczema

About ten years ago I suffered from horrible eczema around my mouth. It completely knocked my confidence and added to the long list of worries I had as a teenager. I tried tons of different creams subscribed by the doctor and also products such as aqueous cream and none of them made a difference. My mum was in Holland and Barrett one day and she noticed a poster advertising Zambesia Botanica skin cream. It's said to be formulated for those very dry areas and is made from the Kigelia Africana (sausage tree).

The fruit that grows from the Kigelia Africana is thought to be a cure for a wide variety of ailments such as rheumatism and even tornadoes (I'm not quite sure how that one works out). But, it's usage in this particular little product I am very thankful for. It completely cleared my eczema within a few months, and whenever it came back this gem would get rid of it again.

It's quite a thick cream but seems to sink in surprisingly quickly and the smell is what I would call a 'standard' cream smell. There's a slight hint of a scent but it's barely noticeable.

I was thinking about this cream the other day as my fiance always gets very dry skin and I'm still always dealing with dry lips, so I searched around and found a seller on eBay that stocked it. At the moment that seems to be one of the only places it's available. If you have eczema or very dry areas of skin I would recommend giving this a go. As sad as it sounds I don't know what I would have done without it.


  1. wow, this sounds great!
    I have eczema on my arms occasionally and nothing works.
    thanks for sharing this!

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